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Frye Practice Sales & Healthcare Real Estate started in 2015 as Karl Frye, Principal Owner and Founder saw the need to provide Dentists, Veterinarians, and all Healthcare Practice Owners with a truly fiduciary service that hinged on what was realistic in the ever changing healthcare market nationwide. 


Karl has helped hundreds of Dentists, Vets, etc., nationwide realize their dreams for retirement, ownership, joining a Group or DSO, etc.  through exclusive representation both on their business and real estate needs.  This way FPS isn't paid until your needs are truly met.


Karl's difference than every other broker out there is that he spent 12+yrs financing the acquisitions, sales, refinaces, buildings, for healthcare professionals for national and regional healthcare banks.  This provided him a credit acumen that isn't found elsewhere in the market.  

Karl firmly believes that you can't have success without hard work and going to work in the trenches of your field.


Dreams are a start, but hard work is what will truly allow you to reap your rewards.  

Karl Frye
Frye Practice Sales & Healthcare Real Estate
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