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Q4 - Is Your Vision 2020? (or 2021)

Updated: May 19, 2021

Hello Dental World! We’re now well into Q4, the final Quarter of 2020 (thank goodness most say!) and we are continuing to see buyers or sellers pushing forward on acquisitions. Buyers and sellers are aligned and preparing to close deals by the end of the year or Jan 1 based on their tax needs/wants.

Frye Practice Sales has that same continued push! Multiple deals closing this month, multiple deals under and going under contract every week!

FPS is not letting up we are actively seeking new sellers and buyers for our clients, if you are interested in Selling and taking advantage of a strong market let us know! If you are interested in buying your first, second, etc. practice, contact us! Frye Practice Sales Additionally over the past 60 days we have seen a resurgence in the DSO/DMO/PE/Group acquisition arena. Groups are aggressive and paying high multiples for offices to bring in, roll-in, or partner with. Is that your next step? Remove the management and just focus on clinical? If you are interested in learning more about selling, partnering, buying, etc., or just want to connect on where things are at, call me at 480-599-6958, email me at visit our website or DM me on LinkedIn

Have a great day!

Karl Frye

Principal & Founder

Frye Practice Sales


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